HMTL5 Media Player Demo


HTML5 – Coding for Tomorrow, Today

Before HTML5, there was no standard for showing videos/movies on web pages.

Before HTML5, videos could only be played with a plug-in (like flash). However, different browsers supported different plug-ins.

HTML5 defines a new element which specifies a standard way to embed a video or movie on a web page: the video element.

The video below uses this new HTML tag to show a video located on my server, previously, this would have required addition software on your computer’s browser. If you’re on an older browser which is not supporting the new HTML5 -standard, then the WidgetKit WP Plug-in I am using will detect this and display the video using Flash instead (and if you don’t even have that, you’re out-of-luck… sorry).

Kite Kam

PLEASE NOTE: As this isn’t a Steaming Player, it may pause until entirely downloaded (22 Meg). Best to let it buffer in a bit after pressing Play…

Pete Banta

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