PB InterWeb Launches New Site(s)

Webs are Science!

Webs are Science!

PB InterWeb Systems has recently re-tooled & re-launched a site using the very latest design techniques & technologies.

The site features the very latest in layout strategies: Responsive Web Design. RWD focuses on creating sites & applications which utilize flexible layouts that attempt to optimize presentations for the device “Viewport” (PS, Tablet or Smart Phone) & its orientation (devices held at Portrait or Landscape), with less scrolling and/or zooming, for a better User Experience (aka “UX”).

Both sides of the site (Main Site -root and the new, expanded /more -area) utilize CSS3 “Media Query” -techniques to set breakpoints for scaling & re-arranging the layouts for optimal font, image & module positioning. On the Home Page -presentation, the panels & slides scale to fill the viewport and arrange box/media sizes optimally. In the CMS /more -area, Boxes & modules are arranged in more complex multiple vertical & horizontal columns, which dynamically collapse down into a progressively smaller elements, eventually compacting down into a single vertical column for better readability & click-ability on smaller viewports in a Portrait -orientation. All from just 1 Layout! 😀

Boldly Going ForwardThe site also supports touch-device clicks & swipes for multiple navigation options, and it scales or dynamically replaces menus for Smart Devices (ie. alt phone menu). It even uses an additional jQuery plug-in to create complex “scroll-within-scrolls”, for times when the content exceeds the container height on smaller touch devices/orientations! More effects for Media Presentation (ie Modal “Liteboxes”) and Content Interactivity are achieved with the leading Javascript Libraries – jQuery!

In addition to all these new technologies, the site features a simple 1-Page Home Landing Page, with all the most important info for prospective clients creatively presented in a single page/download! But then still organized into smaller, easy-to-navigate slides & panels in a very familiar PowerPoint-esque Business Presentation.

And as if that weren’t enough (not for me!), I have also recently expanded the site using the WordPress CMS, to create an expanded /more -area (where you are now). This allows PB InterWeb to also use regularly updated content to build SEO value for the domain, and to provide a place for News & Updates, Blogs, Tech Info, Tech Demos, Expanded FAQ’s, Links and Secure Contact & Quote forms.

I hope Clients both new & old will enjoy it!

Pete Banta

Web Dude. Shredder. Jammer. Lover.