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GrassRoots Pow Surfer

Everybody’s learning how! Come on a Snurfari with me…

In the Snowboard World, things have come full circle…

When I first started Snowboarding (25+ years ago), the boards were made of Wood, had no Bindings, and needed some fresh snow to do it well (no edges don’t work great on packed snow). Over time, the sport addressed all these design challenges, and you have what most folks ride on today. A perfected Snow Vehicle, that delivered the best possible on-snow experience.

But did it?

Sometimes less is more, and that also turns out to be the case with Snowboarding.

Peter Pow Surfing

Peter Pow Surfing Click to Watch Video

A couple years ago, I got into a trend in Snowboarding that is very much a “Everything-Old-is-New-Again” -movement in the Riding World – Pow Surfing! Pow Surfing is riding a board sans bindings. REALLY Surfing. Down a Mountain. It is as easy as it sounds, BUT it IS possible. Turns out the bindings are optional, given the right board & conditions. It takes near perfect balance & line selection, but it makes milder slopes feel thrilling (in that way that is hard to come by after 25+ years), and harder slopes the challenge of your Sliding Life.

I have been doing it as much as I can these last couple seasons (though this year has been rough for fresh snow). I love to try new things, and to be challenged, and it delivers on both accounts. I made a little edit of my last Pow Surf Mission to a nearby resort’s still-closed side hill. I hope you like it (click the pic to launch the video)…

If you want to try Pow Surfing for yourself, go for it! If you’re in Northern VT and want to demo a Pow Surfer and/or the Mtn Approach Folding Ski -system, Drop Me a Note, and I can arrange a demo for you!

Another Cousin of Pow Surfing are Snow Skates (no Bindings, with a ski-like Board under a Skate Deck). Also very cool. December Snowskates makes nice ones, as well as Pow Surfers, too. Check them out!

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