AutoTran v2.0 Joomla Launched!

AutoTran HQ in FL

AutoTran HQ in FL

PB InterWeb and AutoTran, Inc. are proud to announce the launch of “AutoTran v2.0”, a new and improved website, also developed using the Joomla CMS.

AutoTran v2.0

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AutoTran, Inc. is based in Florida, and manufactures all manner of Commercial Printing Equipment. We recently completed a design overhaul to AutoTran’s web site & architecture, as well as adding media presentation software and corresponding video tutorials.

With their emergence in other markets, such as Screen Printing, Hot Stamping and Laser Etching, they wanted to launch a new interactive site, with live on-line support, as well as a customer file uploader, to make sure all customer service issues are handled in a timely manner.

The site uses numerous plug-ins and JavaScript techniques to do more in less space, using tabs, panels and lite-boxes, for more compact information found in fewer clicks. Their clients report back that they are pleased with the improvements!

Click Here to check out the New AutoTran v2.0!

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