ABTCO Designer App in Menard’s Stores

ABTCO Home Designer

ABTCO Home Designer

ABTCO’sā„¢ Home Designer application is a tool PBIW developed for ABTCO Vinyl to help consumers decide on the new look for their remodeling or new construction projects.

ABTCO previously used a Flash application, which relied on plug-ins, and which lost operability on all iPhones in 2011. The rapid growth of devices like Apple’s iPhone & iPad, which no longer supported Proprietary Browser Plug-in Software Technologies like Adobe’s Flash -platform.

ABTCO Home Designer

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ABTCO needed a web-based solution that could work with standard browser-supported technologies – XHMTL, CSS, & Javascript. By sticking to these foundational web technologies, ABTCO could be confident their app would work across the widest possible array of Operating Systems, Devices and Browsers.

PBIW chose to use a special mix of these coding languages, know as “AJAX” (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) to create a multi-layered HTML App which allowed for the user to select from the various Vinyl Siding -lines, and see how the various color options within each would look on exterior Walls, Trims, Shutters and/or Gables. Cross-Browser -compatible, with the ability to print your custom house colors… even more than the old app did, and all without Flash or large downloads! šŸ™‚

ABTCO and Site Users were so happy with it, that they saw an up-tick in Siding Sample -requests, and decided to place the App in Self-Serve PC Kiosks in ALL Menard’s Hardware locations! The App helps Consumers across the Mid-West US decide on their house colors every day!

Click Here to try out the ABTCO Home Designer for yourself!

ps. I built there Multi-Language Web Site, too! šŸ˜‰

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