How can I get more Traffic for my web site?

There is no simple answer to this, nor a Magic Bullet.

But it can be done, and it starts with a good site that search engines like (the kind which I build!). The next most important aspect is to have regular content updates. Google & other search engines will rank you much higher, if you update your site regularly. “Set it & forget it” does not work for web sites! New information is what makes your site look like a more valuable resource on its subject(s). It figures high in the algorithms that decide how far up or down the search results you appear.

Another easy & free strategy is to develop a strong links area and links exchanges. Having other sites link into yours is a powerful way to boost rankings & drive new visits. The more sites that link to you in various ways, the more the algorithm thinks you must have valuable info. After that, there are other various media strategies, or just straight-up PPC (Pay-Per-Click) or on-line ads. It all depends on who your audience is, and what your goals (and budget) are. I can help you to figure out what those are, too! Just ask…

Pete Banta

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