How Much Does a Web Site Cost?

The short answer is, “It depends”. The longer answer depends on what your needs are, and how we accomplish them.

Custom development is time-consuming, and so is more expensive. Wherever possible, I try to use off-the-shelf software to short-cut development time & save you money. Basically, unless you are talking about a simple, static site (no database/dynamic content, aka “Brochure” sites), you’re talking about $2-5K+, depending on the amount of customization, content & complexity of functionality. This site would have a Content Management System (aka “CMS”), so that you can update it yourself.

Static sites may generally cost less up-front, but they can cost more over time, as any updates will require coding & server skills…

I have also recently developed some new Site Starter Packages, to simplify the decision process and save new clients $$$!

Pete Banta

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