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Use Your Direction Keys or Swipe to NavigateWelcome to the Home of PB InterWeb Systems! The Web Site of Freelance Web Developer & Marketer, Peter Banta.

I Deliver Affordable High-Quality Web Development, Support & eMarketing Services for less - Get More Web for Your Money!

PB InterWeb primarily builds XHMTL/CSS Standards-Compliant CMS-Based Web Sites, featuring whatever functionality you may need, and the ability for DIY updates. If you haven't got a sharp-looking, user-friendly, cutting edge, Web 2.0+ site, then we need to talk.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and what I can do for you! I hope we can work together soon...


We're World Wide Webbin' It!Peter Banta InterWeb brings a wide range of web and marketing experience to help your web initiatives from multiple perspectives.

More than just layout and coding, I provide a 360-degree approach to building your site: From Site Structure, User Experience or Applications, to Branding & Visual Design, to Search Optimization, Promotions & eMarketing.

You need it. I do it.

Your site is absolutely your most powerful & important business tool. Bar none. Period.

The Tool-Box

PBIW uses Open Source Technologies like PHP, MySQL, AJAX, W3C XHTML/CSS, JavaScript Libraries like jQuery or MooTools, Flash and more... I can build static, brochure -style sites, or develop your site using complete web publishing platforms, like Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal or ModX.

I'm versed in the latest Web Standards and work hard to make your site accessible, functional and good-looking in all major browsers, and across all devices. Whether it's a full site with e-Marketing planning, a micro-site or a mobile app, I stay on top of the latest trends (like Social Integration) and even know what's just around the corner (ie. Responsive Design for multi-device viewing)...

My Weapons of Mass Computation

More Than Just Coding

PBIW also offers other Web Marketing Services, like Email Marketing (List Development & Management, Design & Communications), Content Services (Site Updates, Copy-Writing, and Media Development), and eComm/eMarketing (Social Integration, Sales Platform Integration, and PPC/Banner Advertising & Metrics).

Everyone has a site... but not everyone has a GOOD site. And it's not enough to just have a site these days, you need to promote it via multiple channels & with New Media Strategies.

We can make your existing site better and more popular by using Viral Media Content and Multi-Channel eMarketing Programs to draw them in, and then by updating your architecture, flow and page copy to meet conversion goals. I can help you improve business processes, too, by integrating software tools that let you & customers work together better.

You Need What? Yeah, I Do That.

PBIW Web Development is lean & mean, with little overhead to add to your costs. I deliver Awesome, Search Engine-Friendly Sites you can easily update yourself from anywhere by browser, and do it for less than you'd think. Get a site that visitors will love and competitors will envy! SEND ME A MESSAGE to get the ball rolling...

  • >> Fix or Improve Your Existing Site (Regardless of platform/technology)
  • >> Build/Maintain a New Static Site (No database/dynamic content)
  • >> Integrate eCommerce Applications (with SSL, PCI, etc.)
  • >> Build or Integrate Email Marketing Platforms
  • >> Build or Integrate Social or Message Board Applications
  • >> Build or Integrate Advertising Systems
  • >> Social Media Marketing, Site Integration or Profile Customization
  • >> Search Engine Optimization
  • >> Dynamic Flash or Javascript Interactive Applications
  • >> Mobile Apps for iPhone and/or Android
  • >> Email Marketing (List Development, Design & Campaign Management)
  • >> eMarketing (PPC, Banner Ads, New Media, Metrics)


Let's Make a Deal!As a Freelance Web Developer, I work from home and have minimal overhead, which allows me to keep my rates low, compared to larger organizations. I understand the needs & budgetary limitations of Small Businesses, and my goal is to deliver Top-Quality Web Sites & Services for a fraction of what agencies charge!

I discuss clients' needs, and determine what approach is best-suited to meet them at the best cost, and then prepare a detailed Project Proposal, with all the site specifications, timelines, and deliverables. No surprises. No expensive meter running. Know exactly what you are facing, and have the roadmap to get you there.

My goal is to always deliver you the best value possible, no matter which way we decide to go about the work to be done. And to make sure that you (or your boss) knows just what this thing is going to cost, when it could cost more, and what your options are. And, to give you a little better idea of what we're talking about, I have developed some new Basic Site Starter Packages...


XHTML/CSS/JS Advanced Brochure -style site of up to 12 Pages, with Home Slider & Drop-Down Menus, and including 1 Litebox Gallery w/ up to 24 images. Social Media integration (Facebook, Twitter & site content sharing). Additional costs for more pages or advanced features (ie. Media Integration, Stores/Apps).

Joomla CMS-Based Site, with up to 18 Pages, with Advanced Home Page Feature Sliders and Content Presentation Modules (ie. Drop-Down Menu System and Dynamic Lists). Also includes Contact Area (multiple contacts), Gallery Area (w up to 3 galleries of up to 12 images/media each), Links Area and Social Media integration (Facebook, Twitter & site content sharing tools). Additional costs for more pages or additional advanced features Tip: Apps/Stores are easier to add with a CMS!

A'La Carte

I can also perform work on an As-Needed -basis, with hourly rates that are often less than 1/2 of what agencies bill at. You can also have on-going work performed on a Retainer -basis, where those already low hourly rates are volume discounted further - The More You Buy, the More You Save!, And they NEVER run out. Use them only where & when they are needed! :)

Content Management & eMarketing or Non-Profits: $25/Hour
XHTML/CSS Coding & Design: $50/Hour
Advanced Coding (CMS, PHP/MySQL, JS, Forms/Apps): $75/Hour
Wholesale Sub-Contractor Rates: Negotiable!

Retainer Packages
You can pre-buy my time, to get higher priority response, and receive volume discounts off of the above rates. Packages depend on the number of hours purchased, and the technical level of the work to be done. The Best Values I Offer!


I'm Sure You Have Questions...I've been doing this for over 10 years now - My 1st paid web client was in 2002 - and everyone has plenty of questions, as they should. It can be an anxious time for site stake-holders, deciding whom to have help them bring their ideas to fruition, and entrust with their brand's all-important Electronic Identity.

And a little research can often just lead to even greater confusion, due to the staggering number of options in ways to create your site. So I 've summarized some of the most popular queries I receive here...

How much does a web site cost?

The short answer is, "It depends". The longer answer depends on what your needs are, and how we accomplish them. Custom development is time-consuming, and so is more expensive. Wherever possible, I try to use off-the-shelf software to short-cut development time & save you money.

Basically, unless you are talking about a simple, static site (no database/dynamic content, aka "Brochure" sites), you're talking about $2-5K+, depending on the amount of customization, content & complexity of functionality. This site would have a Content Management System (aka "CMS"), so that you can update it yourself. Static sites may generally cost less up-front, but they can cost more over time, as any updates will require coding & server skills...

Can I update my site on my own?

YES! In fact, that is my preference vs on-going costs for updates/etc.. With minimal training, you can easily make changes & additions to your own site. No coding knowledge is required! None.

If you are computer-savvy enough to make updates in MS Office Programs, like Word, then you have enough skill to make basic updates yourself! Of course, if you require assistance for basic updates to advanced alterations, I am more than happy to help, and to again deliver superior value!

What sort of maintenance is required?

Very Minimal. If you know how to make updates yourself via the CMS, you can likely also do whatever routine updates are needed for the software & plug-ins. Most CMS's make it a very simple process, requiring only a few clicks. For more complicated or technical fixes, I can help you for very reasonable rates.

For static sites, you need to have a HTML Editor & Coding Skills, as well as FTP/Server Knowledge to make updates. This can lead to over-all higher costs over time...

Do I need to be in Vermont?

NO! Of course not. I have worked with numerous clients from across the country using only email. All of them happy customers. Even if you are in VT, we probably won't meet often... but it's nice to when we begin, I think. But if you're too busy/far for that, I understand, and can easily make it work. The only real physical interaction necessary is for signing of contracts (which we can do by printing/signing/scanning/email). But I like people, so if you're nearby and want to meet, because you work better that way, then we can do that, too.

Are there things you can't/won't do?

Not much. I don't do any heavy programming, or work in server languages outside of the L.A.M.P. -stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP). I have made some updates to other sites that used tech like ASP or Flash, but I'm probably not your guy for those, if they involve heavy-lifting, or you're tied to those technologies vs external platforms or other options.

I also don't work on speculation (aka. me getting paid, only if your idea works). No, thank you.

Do you collaborate or work as a sub-contractor?

Yes, love to! I work well with others & communicate/document in detail. If you have an agency with an over-load of work, I am happy to help as my skills & time allow.

AND... I am VERY affordable! :D

MORE Questions?

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Examples of Sites I Have Built RecentlyI've been working on Web Projects since 1997, and building sites for clients since 2002. I've learned a lot along the way, and you gain the benefit of all those experiences!

  • >> Web Project Manager for Burton Snowboards
  • >> Site & Marketing Manager for Bolton Valley Resort
  • >> eCommerce & Operations Manager for Phish
  • >> Summa Cum Laude (4.0 GPA) Web Design at Champlain College
  • >> Marketing & Web Manager for Stowe Mountain Resort
  • >> Web Development & eMarketing Services to dozens of clients across US & Canada

Want specifics? Please CLICK HERE

Here are some recent examples of my work, and a little info on what makes each one special...

AutoTran Autotran Printing - Joomla CMS

AutoTran is based in Florida, and manfactures all manner of commercial printing equipment. I recently completed a design overhaul to Autotran's web site & architecture, as well as adding media presentation software and corresponding video tutorials.

Click the image to launch the AutoTran Gallery...

Visit autotran.net


PBIW worked with designer SBC Design to help them implement an eComm platform to sell their Baby Food direct. I used my preferred platform, ECWID, for its ease-of-use, automatic updating, and "Sell Anywhere" -functionality.

Click the image to launch the VT Baby Gallery...

Visit VT Baby

ABTCO Vinyl Siding - Joomla CMS ABTCO Vinyl Siding - Joomla CMS

ABTCO is one of North America's leading brands of Vinyl siding. The site features all of their products & color swatches, for both USA and Canada, with an additional translated French-Canadian version. The site uses software which gives them the ability to add additional language versions in the future as the company expands internationally ...

Click the image to launch the ABTCO Gallery...

Visit ABTCO Vinyl Siding

ABTCO Home Designer - AJAX ABTCO Home Designer - AJAX

PBIW developed an AJAX (Asynchonous Javascript and XHTML) application to replace their Flash-based designer app, which would not run on many phones & devices. The app allows consumers to preview & print ABTCO colors & product -combos on a home image.The Designer has now been integrated into Computer Design Kiosks at all Menard's locations (one of the Midwest's leading Home Supply stores).

Click the image to launch the ABTCO Home Designer Gallery...

Visit ABTCO Home Designer

Barn at Boyden Farm - Joomla CMS Barn at Boyden Farm - Joomla CMS

The Barn at Boyden Farm in Cambridge, VT is a renovated Barn which can be rented for wedding receptions & events. The site includes events, news, media, schedule & mechanisms for requesting bookings. The Barn is now regularly booked-up for weddings/etc., and there is a wedding reception there almost every weekend during Summers now!

Click the image to launch the Barn at Boyden Farm Gallery...

Visit Barn at Boyden Farm

Boyden Beef - Joomla CMS Boyden Beef - Joomla CMS

Boyden Beef raises Organic, Grass-Fed Beef on their family farm in Cambridge, Vermont, and their site informs both consumers & wholesale customers about their products and how/where to get them. The brand has seen steady growth in demand, and has expanded their dealer base since launching the site.

Click the image to launch the Boyden Beef Gallery...

Visit Boyden Beef

BearPond v2.0 - Joomla CMS BearPond v2.0 - Joomla CMS

BearPond is a full-service Creative Agency, serving Northern VT, as well as clients throughout the US. PBIW developed a new design to replace their original (also by PBIW), using the same publishing platform (Joomla). BPP overhauls their site every few years, for the latest in visual design & web technologies, and so should you!

Click the image to launch the BearPond Gallery...

Visit BearPond

Jill Richardson Realtor - Joomla CMS Jill Richardson Realtor - Joomla CMS

Site for local NVT Realtor, with services for both buyers & sellers, with info on current listings & recent sales. Jill was dissatisfied with the generic, cookie-cutter web sites her realty network offered, and instead opted for something more custom, that reflected the Vermont brand. We connected to her external listings service, to pull in the latest data.

Click the image to launch the Jill Richardson Realtor Gallery...

Visit Jill Richardson Realtor

Cambridge Village Market - Joomla CMS Cambridge Village Market - Joomla CMS

Using branding created by SBC Design, PBIW raised the profile of this little Country Store, and developed a full-featured site which lets them show all they offer, promote their weekly specials & events, and regularly market the store to local customers via registration & bulk email integration via MailChimp. Nearby Smuggler's Notch Resort visitors can place Special Orders through the site, too.

Click the image to launch the Cambridge Village Market Gallery...

Visit Cambridge Village Market

Gravity Dance - Joomla CMS w/ ECWID Gravity Dance - Joomla CMS w/ ECWID

Gravity Dance sells clothing & accessories for those with Gravity Sports -driven lifestyles! The Mad River Valley -based company is the Brainchild of Sugarbush Local Robert Foster Graham Jr., a well-known Valley personality. PBIW built their CMS-based site and connected it to the ECWID eComm platform, which allowed for a rapid roll-out of the store... just in time for their participation in the legendary Vans Warped Tour, which helped to gain the small VT brand national exposure.

Click the image to launch the Gravity Dance Gallery...

Visit Gravity Dance

Golden Brook Farm - Joomla CMS Golden Brook Farm - Joomla CMS

GBF is the site for NVT Dog Kennel Operator & Dog Trainer, Julie Cross. Her site includes eNewsletter registration & communications, an extensive on-line pre-registration system (with database archiving and automated Email Confirmations to customers, as well as info on their on-line specials & events/promotions.

Click the image to launch the Golden Brook Farm Gallery...

Visit Golden Brook Farm

Natural Provisions Market - Joomla CMS Natural Provisions - Joomla CMS

Site for Williston, VT Natural Foods store, with info on what to find in the store & regular updates on their specials (with a monthly PDF flyer for download, as well as periodic targeted specials), blogs, news, promotions, events & more. NP uses regular email communications (via MailChimp) to drive traffic to their store and right to products promoted via emails & Social Media.

Click the image to launch the Natural Provisions Gallery...

Visit Natural Provisions

But Wait, There's More!

Here are some more sites I've made in the last few years... some still here, some gone... because nothing lasts for too long on the ever-changing InterWebs...

7Gordy7 CA-based TV Host/Announcer, Gordy Johnson - Gallery Site
AOC Catering Gourmet Catering & Exec Chef Services - Gallery  Site
Backcountry Mag Top Off-Piste Pubs. Built & ran sites 5 yrs - Gallery  Site
The Black Piano (Steve Richardson) Cape Cod Sing-Alongs - Gallery  Site
Bolton Valley Flash Map Interactive Resort Trail Map - Gallery  Site
Boulderbrook Art Shows Arts Shows along US East Coast - Gallery  Site
BearPond v1.0 1st Joomla for NVT Creative Agency - Gallery
Bula Hats Concept Layouts for Montreal Hat-Maker - Gallery
Copper Mtn Vinyards WA State Winery, Orchards & Market - Gallery  Site
Dinky Donuts Gourmet Donut Delivery & Store via NECI Grad - Gallery
Erin Banta Wedding Flash site for Sister's Wedding - Gallery  Site
Fletcher Allen Labs NVT's Largest Med Lab - Gallery  Site
Green Mountain Crafts Recycled Wood Products eComm - Gallery  Site
Green Mtn Softball League Scores, Stats & News - Gallery  Site
Healthy Human Mag Progressive Lifestyles Pub - Gallery
Hermanos Productions Latin Music Events & DJ's - Gallery
HP Bands Music Services for Weddings & Events - Gallery  Site
Kiefer Site Flash my Son & I made for Fun - Gallery  Site
NEBSC Intl Boarding School Student Tours - Gallery
Parima v1.0 Flash Thai Restaurant & Music in BTV - Gallery  Site
Parima v2.0 Joomla They sadly closed after 6+ years with PBIW - Gallery
PEIVDF Charity for Large Exotic Animal Dental Needs - Gallery  Site
PBIW Portfolio v1.0 1st Flash Early Work - Gallery  Site
PBIW Portfolio v2.0 Flash for Magic Hat Job - Gallery  Site
Save Pete the Moose Famous VT Cause. Sadly Died - Gallery
Snowboards for Kashmir VT Charity/Training for Himalayans - Gallery
Telemark Skier Mag World's Top Pub for Free-Heel Skiing - Gallery  Site
Vermont Vacation Videos On-Slope Vids at Smuggs Resort - Gallery
VT BC Snowboard Tours NVT Guide Services - Gallery  Site


Pete Gettin' His Shred On!My name is Peter Banta and I'm a Web Developer. I prefer this title, because while most today specialize in either design or programming, I like to do both. I mix them to develop complete web solutions. One. Stop. Shopping. Soup-to-Nuts. I also have a strong Marketing background in the Resort & Winter Sports -industries.

I live in Burlington, VT with my Wife & 2 (grown)Children and our 2 Dogs. We like it up here in Northern Vermont a whole bunch. It's a beautiful, little slice of the world with big mountains, small lakes and the full range of Nature & Culture's offerings. In Winter, I love the Mountains & Snowboarding, and spend a lot of my free-time hiking the Backcountry for hidden pow stashes. My new fave thing to do in the snow is Pow Surfing on Bindingless Boards.

When there isn't snow, I play A LOT of Softball (Captain 2 teams & admin both leagues). I also enjoy Skateboarding, Mtn Biking, Wakeboarding & Hiking. I love Live Music, and my Wife & I attend many shows & festivals around the country. I Weight Train regularly & eat a Paleo Diet (Lost 80+ Pounds).

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